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Goblins of Zarth

System:    Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Genre:       Fantasy

Gobins of Zarth is the new crazy, chaotic world designed and developed by Tabletop Dynasties. It made its debut as part of the free and exciting online D&D competition presented by Arcanacon in partnership with Arkenforge. A three part story was developed for the event by Herbert Peppard. This epic introduction to an all-new setting for the fifth edition, is suitable for beginners and veterans alike. Set in the goblin city of Zaranthurul, you and your siblings undertake a journey of clan rivalry in this complex, immersive and occasionally whimsical world.

Buy the Module

Goblins of Zarth is available to order now in PDF format from The Quest Suppliers. It includes not only the three part module that was played as part of the online competition and Twitch live streams but it also contains over 120 pages of content allowing you to explore Zaranthurul well beyond the core adventures.

A physical copy of the game is coming soon!

Love the Game? Buy the Merch!

Head over to The Quest Suppliers to purchase from a range of Goblins Of Zarth merch including dice charms and t-shirts in both unisex and women's designs.

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